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Drive around and pick up kids waiting at their bus stops. Afterwards get them to school before time runs out by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

WASD - Control Bus Movement
Mouse - Camera Look Around
Left Control - Drift
Left Shift - Boost
Space - Hard Brake

THEME: Running Out Of Space

Connection To Theme: The Buses Levels EJECT off after each round resulting in your bus having less space and making you take multiple trips to the school.


The bus you are driving is actually a multilevel bus. You can only fit a certain amount of kids on each level. This means you will have to go to the school and drop some off when the bus gets full. This is indicated in game with a Bus Overlay on the side of the screen. To make it easier, look up in the sky, or on your mini-map for either the yellow X or the giant red exclamation mark.

Connection To Theme: The Bus's Levels EXPLODE off after each round, resulting in your bus having less space and making you take multiple trips to the school.

**Warning** The game  breaks after 4th Round. Once your bus resets completely to full size then the game is over.


Planned Features: 

  • Add Better Sound Fx
  • Add Upgrades - this would provide a use for the money.  It would be a gas station where you can get the upgrades.
    • Rocket Engines On Back Of Bus
    • School Teleporter
    • Snatcher Catcher Arm
  • Different Maps
  • Controller Support


Comment  How Much Money You Made Below!


Install instructions

1. Download the file

2. Find file and extract

3. Start Application


BusStopBlast[Version - 1.0.4] Post-LudumDare.zip 23 MB
Mac_BusStopBlast[Version - 1.0.4] Post-LudumDare.zip 27 MB

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Hey guys! Absolutely loved this game of yours! I couldn't figure out the last part of it with all the bus layers but only 1 kid? Not sure if thats a bug or not. Keep up the good work! :D Here's a video i made on your game, enjoy! :)  

check out my gameplay if youd like? :D

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the game is pretty good. I did experiences a few bugs, but other than that it played great!

Also if you guys enjoy watching indie games or anything off of itch than feel free to stop by my channel https://goo.gl/Mio4qu


This game confirms to me that I should never become a bus driver...

This game... Just.. This game... Beautiful. Caused some beautiful rage moments, had tones of fun playing it! only found one bug, after the bus reaches is smallest size, and the next full size round starts, i couldn't find any children in the level. Apart from that, great game! 

This is pretty fun. I would like to see what more you do with it.

Was a really fun game. The only down side for me was there was no tire sliding sound or destruction sounds. That would of made it awesome! But it was still a very fun game to play.

(Please only click the video if you're interested in watching my play through. Thanks.

 Video Length 12:57)

Forged By Games playthrough of Bus Stop Blast

To watch my play through of Bus Stop Blast click the image to be redirected to YouTube.

very fun game and really cool like the idea and had so much fun with this cant wait for more!!

I had such a good time playing this game!

I enjoyed this game, bus stop blast, it is very interesting.

I have a question: how have you done the ingame minimap? Is it a top down 2d camera, ortoghraphic one?

I liked how you could destroy the houses. And I liked the colourful art. Nice expirience.


Hello! I had a blast playing your game!  . . . I'm sorry I had to. Anyways, This game was fun! even though there were some wonky aspects the game was still really fun to play! I had lots of fun and hope to see more from you!


Such a fun game! 




You got a lot done for your game, i was really impressed. I murdered a lot of children in this by the way

Made a video